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Dušica Popadić & Ljiljana Bogavac (2005) “Gender-based Violence from Survivors’ Perspective” Practical Manual for Trainers

Professional articles written by our staff

  1. 24-hours hotline service against sexual violence (click)
  2. Sexual Assault in School Context – Report (click)
  3. Violence Against Women – My Professional Responsibility; First Manual in Serbia for health workers (2007) (click)
  4. SEX SELLS by Snežana Bogavac, BETA (click)
  5. Answers on the most frequent questions posed to the Incest Trauma Center – Belgrade on what to do when there is a suspected or disclosed child sexual assault; The article is originally targeting school professionals but it is applicable for other profiles, too. (2007) (Serbian only)
  6. An extra language in counselling and training (click)
  7. What is stopping Roma children  (click)
  8. Meeting the Local Lesbian Scene – “Is This Me?” (January 2004, 4 pages) (click)
  9. Internalized Homophobia in Each One of Us (June 2004, 7 pages) (click)
  10. “No, This Is Not Happening To Me” – (or Violence In Lesbian Intimate Relationships) (December 2004, 7 pages) (click)
  11. To What Extent Does the Lack of Positive Role Models Influence Lesbians’ Coming Out? (June 2005, 4 pages) (click)
  12. The Lesbian Partner Relationships (or: The Importance of Seeking Psychological Assistance in Building Lesbian Parter Relationships (and not only when in crisis) (December 2005, 6 pages) (click)
  13. Lesbians Childhood Sexual Violence Survivors (June 2006, 3 pages) (click)
  14. Letter to Parents (December 2006, 2 pages) (click)
  15. The Impact of LGBT Organizations’ Policies on the Real LIves of Lesbians and of Bisexual Women in Serbia (June 2007, 4 pages) (click)
  16. Comment on the Research “Human Right to Sexual Orientation” carried out by LGBT organization Labris – psychological aspect (2006) (Serbian only)
  17. Contribution of the Task-force “Violence Against Women” (formed within the Ministry of Social Welfare – Gender Equality Council) regarding the National
    Strategy for Improvement of the Position of Women and Gender Equality –  the contribution of the Incest Trauma Center – Belgrade included (2006) (click)
  18. Shadow report to the CEDAW Committee by 5 women’s NGOs in Serbia -the contribution of the Incest Trauma Center – Belgrade included
    (for period 1992-2006) (click)
  19. SA of Children and Paedophilia On the Internet (English only)
  20. Value system and recommendations when providing psychological counseling to lesbians and bysexual women (June 2012) (click)