Based on our experience, organizations are mostly requesting the following services from us and we remain at your disposal:

– Assisting organizations in connection with their organizational development: from organizations which are in the process of forming/founding to developed organizations with long-term working experience

   Some examples:

A) Strategic Planning for organizations active in the field of Violence against Women and Children

B) Strategic Planning for organizations active in the field of Diversity Issues

– Supervision of organizational issues, facilitation of the team work and group dynamics processes

– Supervision in regard to direct service provision in the context of violence against women and children (case management and personal processes of helpers)

– Specialists’ trainings (see Training Center)

– Assisting organizations in planning, conceptualizing and writing project proposals in connection to themes we are engaged with for 27 years (including assistance with terminology in the framework of translating project proposals and relevant professional literature to English and from English).

We believe in joint process where you would explain to us in detail what you need to reach as an improvement in your work, so that our team designs the content and methodology in accordance with it (tailor-made approach).