If you need supervision or specialists’ training, please, let us know via email itcentar@eunet.rs .

We can improve your knowledge and skills in the following areas:

1. Sexual abuse of children within a family

2. Sexual violence against children and women – intervention

3. Prevention of sexual violence against children and women

4. Violence against women and children (domestic violence: emotional, physical, economic)

5. NGO management and development

6. Strategic planning and running the National campaign against sexual violence (incl. small scale campaigns in local communities)

7. Diversity issues (incl. specifically developed modules on Sexual Diversities)

8. Public relations (applied to the field of violence against children and women)

Our Trainer who is a leader of the Incest Trauma Center – Belgrade Trainers’ Team is certified in Supervision and Training Skills in Child Protection by NSPCC, UK (2012-2013) and owns accreditation of Trainer for Trainers in Child Protection issued by NSPCC, UK (2016).

Within above listed areas from 1 to 8, we believe in joint process where you would explain to us in detail what you need to reach as an improvement in your work, so that we design the Program of the specialists’ training in accordance with it (tailor-made approach).

All educational and preventive programs of the Incest Trauma Center – Belgrade are designed and implemented on the basis of direct daily practical work of our team with children and women who have survived sexual and other forms of violence.