Training Center

We work as the Training Center and after 23 years of ITC activities, our diverse training programs have been attended by 9214from 882 GОs and NGОs (4/5 from GОs). All the ITC educational and preventative programs have been conceived and realized on the grounds of our team’s direct daily practical activities in the context of violence against women and children. Our trainers are authors and personally deliver our ed. programs accredited by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health of Serbia as well as the leader of ITC Trainers’ Team is certified in Supervision and Training skills in Child Protection by the NSPCC, UK, and holds accreditation on competency in the Training for Trainers in Child Protection issued by the NSPCC, UK. (Just two illustrations: over the period 2001-2003, in partnership with the Ministry of the Interior, we trained police officers from 11 towns, starting from public law and order, then sex offences and juvenile delinquency departments to teachers on all three levels of police schooling (effective 42 hours of work); 2005-2011, in partnership with the Ministry of Justice of RS, for the personnel of 4 penitentiary institutions in the territory of Serbia working with women and minor perpetrators of criminal offences. Educational programs of basic and advanced level (42 + 58 effective hours of work); 2017-2019, delivering 3-level trainings to the schools and kindergartens entering the 1st National Network of Schools and Kindergartens against Sexual Assault.
In 2017, we’re trainers in 5 accredited educational programs.
Upon the decision of minister of Education of Serbia (accreditations of the Incest Trauma Center – Belgrade):
1. Gender-based violence from the child and adult survivors’ perspective (level 1-basic level)
2. Violence prevention program of the Incest Trauma Center – Belgrade “Healthy Choices for Kids” (level 2-advance level)
3. Preparation of teachers to work in the classroom on the Sexual Assault issue (level 3-advance level)
Upon the decision of Serbia Health Council and Serbia Medical Chamber (accreditations of the Women’s Health Promotion Center where our trainers make a part of trainers’ team)
1. Improving the health sector response on gender-based violence (level 1-basic level)
2. Respecting the specifics of existence belonging to women exposed to dubble and multiple discrimination in health care services (level 2-advance level)